Your Health and Wellness is our Mission

The Marion County Hospital District is dedicated to improving the health and wellness of Marion County citizens through projects and initiatives that inspire health. We connect people with resources that will help them pursue healthier lifestyles, and we support programs that are making a difference.

Our Pillars




Substance Use / Behavioral Health


Our Programs

Active Marion Project

Take strides toward a healthier lifestyle with this free county-wide program. AMP challenges Marion County citizens to be more active and get moving toward better health through workplace well-being, group step challenges, health education, and outreach.

Fitness & Nutrition in Schools

FANS is designed to help kids create healthy habits that will serve them throughout their lives. Through school-based nutrition, physical fitness opportunities, and healthy lifestyle education, we are on a mission to provide a healthy roadmap for children, parents, and employees in Marion County schools.

Beacon Point

Mental health and substance abuse assistance is essential for improving the overall health of an individual across their lifespan. Beacon Point is uniquely positioned to improve access to behavioral health care and enhance the whole health of our community by using the effective integrated care model to fully blend mental health and substance use services with general primary care and dental services.

Community Home Project

The Community Home Project assists families with healthy food options, employment, educational tutoring and continuing education, healthcare navigation and dental clinics, fitness and nutrition classes (diabetes education, grocery orders) and much more.

Our Vision

Improved Health of Marion County Citizens

Our Mission

Create specific initiatives which will impact prioritized health concerns and promote healthier lifestyles of Marion County citizens.

Our Values

WE WILL be committed to the highest level of ethical standards in discharging our public responsibilities.

WE WILL accomplish our mission by prudently managing the resources entrusted to us by the public we serve.

Quality Care
WE WILL strive to maintain quality of care in all that we do for the public.

WE WILL conduct our business in an open, accountable and legal manner to ensure public trust and to encourage public participation.

Our Impact in the Community

The Marion County Hospital District makes a real difference in lives every day. Here’s what we’re doing to invest in the health of our community both now and in the future.