Our Pillars

Marion County Hospital District applies its mission by operating healthcare programs spanning five crucial healthcare areas.


We support access to quality dental care through investments in our community partners: Langley Health Services, Heart of Florida, and FreeDOM Clinic.


We offer free Diabetes Empowerment Education classes through the Active Marion Project (AMP) and invest in strategic initiatives for diabetes prevention and self-management with community partners, including Faithfully Guided, Heart of Florida, Community Home Project (CHP), TLC and Interfaith.


To reduce obesity and related chronic diseases, we connect the community with education, nutrition, and life-stabilizing services that promote healthy lifestyles. Through programs like AMP, Fitness and Nutrition in Schools (FANS), and The Community Home Project (CHP) we approach this urgent issue from multiple angles. Other community partners include FANS and TLC.

FANS - Fitness and Nutrition in Schools

Substance Use / Behavioral Health

At MCHD we strive to innovate the substance use and behavioral healthcare delivery system. We offer programs that optimize service delivery through metrics-based performance improvement practices, and treat the whole-person through integrating on-demand comprehensive behavioral health and medical care services for Marion County residents. Our community partners include Project Hope,  SMA, LifeStream, My Life CounselKimberly’s CenterOpen VillageSADD-Children’s Alliance, Heart of Florida, and Beacon Point.

FANS - Fitness and Nutrition in Schools
FANS - Fitness and Nutrition in Schools


We invest in internal and external programs for tobacco cessation in the community, including through FANS, SADD-Children’s Alliance and AMP.

FANS - Fitness and Nutrition in Schools