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What is AMP?

Helping citizens adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles

Active Marion Project (AMP) is a free county-wide healthy lifestyle initiative designed to encourage Marion County citizens to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles and to have fun while doing it.

The core of AMP’s principles entail multiple factors that impact public health, including: environmental and policy changes, programmatic efforts and multi-sectoral collaborations that involves health care, neighborhoods, schools, and worksite sectors. There is also an emphasis on community engagement and ownership through capacity building such as building worksite leadership, training residents and recruiting organizations to advocate for healthier communities and to promote Active Marion Project activities.


Some details of AMP Phone Application:

  • Secure log in and password
  • Automatically set up and track your movement- no matter which app you use
  • Earn points for each step
  • The more steps you take, the more points you earn.
  • Earn badges for meeting goals or accomplishments. Some badges are coupons for local area gyms, wellness areas, restaurants, or activities; others are just for bragging.
  • Talk with friends/groups/amplifiers
  • Get notifications of upcoming challenges and ways to earn bonus points, wellness and nutrition tips, exercise opportunities, motivational quotes, recognition of CHAMPS, nearby and local events
  • Calendar
  • See the leaderboard to know where you and your team stands


Data and metrics are collected and reported to the Marion County Hospital District. Projects and programs use recommended best practices with effective evidence-based outcomes.

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