Workplace Wellness

“Good Health is Good Business”
Paul Dreschler, Chairman, Bibby Line Group

Create a Culture of Wellness

Workplace Wellbeing initiatives strive to improve the organizational health of both employees and employers. AMP can assist by providing resources and support to help workplaces, business owners, and employees create an employee-centered culture of wellness.

How Wellness Supports Your Business

A cultural emphasis on wellness can positively impact job satisfaction, absenteeism and worker productivity. By investing in wellness, you help your employees feel happier and healthier on the job so they can do their best work.

Here are some ways AMP can help you design your workplace culture with wellness in mind:

  • Conduct and gather results of an employee interest survey
  • Provide resources for employees and employers
  • Support in creating activity-based challenges
  • Coordinate group based health education
  • Provide signage for Point of Decision Prompts
  • Health-related Policies – formal/ informal written, promote employee health
  • Sample calendar of events for physical activity and wellness promotion
  • Incentive programs and competitions- coordinate employee challenges and competitions, using the AMP2 phone app; provide awards and organize recognition events.

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