About FANS

The Fitness and Nutrition in Schools (FANS) Program is an innovative chronic disease prevention program designed to reduce childhood obesity and diabetes and provide a healthy roadmap for children, parents, and employees in Marion County Schools. This is done by:

  • Increasing physical fitness opportunities
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle choices
  • Creating a culture of wellness
school gardening in marion county
school gardening in marion county

We recognize that improving community health for future generations starts with our children. The Fitness and Nutrition in Schools (FANS) program takes a fun, hands-on approach to prevent chronic diseases for the children in our school system. Through increased physical fitness opportunities, improved nutrition, and healthy lifestyle education, this program helps local children learn how to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

Through FANS, the Marion County Hospital District has formed an impactful partnership with schools in Marion County to improve health and educational outcomes among students. By increasing PE engagement, campaigning for healthier snacking, and even introducing school gardens, this program is helping kids learn the importance of taking care of their bodies and reducing county obesity rates.

The FANS program embraces research on the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model. Integrating services more deeply into the day-to-day life of schools & students represents an untapped tool for raising academic achievement and improving learning.


  • Provide resources to improve quality of physical education classes & support active movement in the classroom
  • Promote wellness-centered classroom learning
  • Provide hands-on nutrition education through raised garden beds
school physical education activities in marion county


school gardening in marion county
  • Provide state-of-the-art crop producing greenhouses and learning landscapes
  • Partner with MCPS Food & Nutrition Services to serve crops in the cafeteria; track consumption of healthier choices made by staff and students
  • Provide health education and awareness focusing on vaping, tobacco cessation, proper nutrition, and the importance of daily exercise and water intake.
  • FANS CLUBS – comprised of students from each middle & high school, each Club will promote innovative health activities, taste tests, and health awareness campaigns.